1st Prize | Milan | Italy | 2012

Between the year 1584 and 1586, the Duke Vespasiano Gonzaga, made build a gallery in his Mantova Palace, with the aim of hosting those antiques that he loved to show to his guests. Retake the meaning of this space made to host a personal collection of antiques, means interpreting all interior design proper elements, not according the aspects of the material or stylistic world, but according to that elements linked to emotions to make real an ancient atmosphere in a scenario coherent to the contemporary life. A project for a residential space here becomes like a micro-exbhition of a museum, domestic but refined, where antiques masterpieces are insert to dialogue with the space, through lines that cross it.  Whether they are real lines, as the suspended bridge that reaches hidden spaces of the house with the core of the house itself; or ideal lines, as the double opening below the suspended bridge or the furnitures’ arrengment, they build an ideal bond with the exterior space, as it was possible to cross the space on both the axis.



LOR | Lisbon Open Room