Milan | Italy | 2013

All the religions are tied up from a depth feeling of community. Therefore, you could think about the religion, not only as a cluster of rites or tools, icons and objects in which the divine is present, but also as a crowd of signs and tools that express this sense of community. It’s inportant to consider those tools in their double nature: as icons because they express largely shared and recognized signs, and as tools because of a precise purpose. Aurea is a tray for the harvest of the offers entirely realized in Briccola wood. A turned and smoothed section of Briccola becomes metaphor of a society, that despite can appear worn-out on the outside, preserves in the depth, the values of altruism and collaboration that constitute the essence of the all religious communities.Its circular shape helps not only to welcome the offers but also, it recalls, in its longitudinal section, one of the principal symbols of Venice, the Gondola, whose profile produces the form to the tray by rotation. Aurea exploits the concentric disposition of the circles that form a Briccola.It’s principal elements, tray and coverage, are arranged to form some circumferences organized by the idea that governs the formal nature’s laws, the Golden Section.